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Network Connection Technologies

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Note: Many topics at this site are reduced versions of the text in "The Encyclopedia of Networking and Telecommunications." Search results will not be as extensive as a search of the book's CD-ROM.

Network connection technologies are used to connect peripherals to computers, computers to computers, computers to network devices, network devices to network devices, and so on. The following sections list each of the topics in which these technologies are discussed.

Peripheral Interconnects

Asynchronous Communications; Cable and Wiring; Fiber-Optic Cable; Fibre Channel; FireWire; HIPPI (High-Performance Parallel Interface); HSSI (High-Speed Serial Interface); InfiniBand; Infrared Technologies; IP Storage; Parallel Interface; SCSI (Small Computer System Interface); Serial Communication and Interfaces; SSA (Serial Storage Architecture); Switch Fabrics and Bus Design; Synchronous Communications; USB (Universal Serial Bus); VI Architecture;

LAN/Enterprise Network

ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode); Cable and Wiring; Ethernet; Fast Ethernet; FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface); Fiber-Optic Cable; Gigabit Ethernet; Infrared Technologies; LAN (Local Area Network); LocalTalk; Microwave Communications; Token Ring Network; Wireless LANs; Wireless PANs (Personal Area Networks);

Broadband/Metro/Wide Area Networking

ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode); Cable (CATV) Data Networks; DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite); DSL (Digital Subscriber Line); Fiber-Optic Cable; Fibre Channel; Frame Relay; FTTH (Fiber to the Home); Gigabit Ethernet; HALO (High Altitude Long Operation); Infrared Technologies; ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network); LMDS (Local Multipoint Distribution Service); Microwave Communications; MMDS (Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service); Optical Networks; PON (Passive Optical Network); Residential Broadband; Satellite Communication Systems; SONET (Synchronous Optical Network); T Carriers; WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing); Wireless Broadband Access Technologies; Wireless Local Loop;

Connection Devices and Switching/Routing Techniques

Bridges and Bridging; Concentrator Devices; Multilayer Switching; Multiplexing and Multiplexers; Repeater; Routers; Switch Fabrics and Bus Design; Switching and Switched Networks; VI Architecture;

General Technology Overviews

Communication Services and Providers; Data Communication Concepts; Data Link Protocols; High-Speed/High-Performance Networking; Home Networking; Internet Connections; Internetworking; LAN (Local Area Network); Last Mile Services; Local Loop; Modulation Techniques; Multiplexing and Multiplexers; Network Access Services; Network Concepts; Network Core Technologies; Optical Networks; Point-to-Point Communications; Residential Broadband; Routing; Serial Communication and Interfaces; Service Providers and Carriers; Signals; Storage Systems; Telecommunications and Telephone Systems; WAN (Wide Area Network); Wireless Communications; Wireless Local Loop;

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