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P2P (Peer-to-Peer Communications)
P3P (Platform for Privacy Preferences)
Packet over SONET
Packet Radio Data Networks
Packet Rings
Packets and Packet-Switching Networks
PAN (Personal Area Network)
PAP (Password Authentication Protocol)
Parallel Interface
Parallel Processing
Partitions and Partition Management
Path MTU Discovery
PBX (Private Branch Exchange)
PCI (Peripheral Component Interface)
PDH (Pleiochronous Digital Hierarchy)
Peer-to-Peer Communications
PEM (Privacy-Enhanced Mail)
Performance Measurement and Optimization
Permissions in Windows NT/Windows 2000
Personal Area Network
PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
Physical Layer
PICS (Platform for Internet Content Selection)
PIM (Protocol Independent Multicast)
Ping (Packet Internet Groper)
PINT (PSTN and Internet Interworking)
PKCS (Public-Key Cryptography Specification)
PKI (Public-Key Infrastructure)
PKIX (Public-Key Infrastructure X.509)
PNNI (Private Network-to-Network Interface)
Point-to-Point Communications
Policy-Based Management
Policy-Based Routing on the Internet
PON (Passive Optical Network)
PoP (Point of Presence)
POP (Post Office Protocol)
PoS (Packet over SONET)
POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service)
Power and Grounding Problems and Solutions
Power Line Access Services
PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol)
PPP Multilink
PPS (Packets per Second)
PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol)
Premises Distribution System
Presence Monitoring
Presentation Layer, OSI Model
Prioritization of Network Traffic
Private Network
Private-Key Cryptography
Promiscuous Mode
Propagation Delay
Protocol Analyzers
Protocols and Protocol Stacks
Proxy Caching
Proxy Servers
PSTN (Public-Switched Telephone Network)
Public Networks
Public-Key Cryptography
Public-Key Infrastructure
Push and Pull
PVC (Permanent Virtual Circuit)