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Related Entries

Access Control

Application-Level Gateway

Attacks and Attackers

Authentication and Authorization

Bastion Host

Cache and Caching Techniques

CERN Proxy Services

Circuit Relay Firewall


Data Protection



File Sharing



Hacking and Hackers

Information Warfare

Intranets and Extranets

IPSec (IP Security)

NAT (Network Address Translation)

OPSEC (Open Platform for Security)

Policy-Based Management

Proxy Servers

RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service)

Remote Access

RSIP (Realm-Specific IP)

S/WAN (Secure WAN)

Security Auditing



Stateful Inspection Technology

Trust Relationships and Trust Management


VLAN (Virtual LAN)

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Web Caching

Web Links
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IETF Security Working Groups

Firewall. IETF Working Group: Authenticated Firewall Traversal (aft)

Great Circle Associates (home of the original firewall experts)

Steve Gibson's Shields UP!! Web site (scans your system for security holes)

CSI (Computer Security Institute). See the firewall resources page

Mark Grenman's "Firewall and Proxy Server HOWTO" page firewalls, proxies, and caching page

Bitpipe (search for "firewall")

Google Web Directory firewall page

3Com firewall paper by Chuck Semeria. Search for "Internet Firewalls and Security" (use quotes)

"Securing Your Network Against Source IP Spoofing Attacks" by Chuck Semeria

Secure Computing (see security library)

TruSecure Internet security assurance

Network ICE personal firewall

Carnegie Mellon Software Technology Review page

ACM paper: "Network Security, Filters and Firewalls" by Darren Bolding

Security related papers by Tim Bass, president of Silk Road

Firewall, Links at Washington University

Firewall, Security Links at ITPRC

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