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Security Auditing

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Security auditing is the practice of evaluating the security of networks and systems. It may be done by professional security consulting and auditing services, or it can be done in-house. Auditing may involve evaluating the security of buildings and equipment locations, running background checks on people, evaluating work processes, monitoring systems, scanning computers for security weaknesses, and running intrusion detection systems that can signal possible break-ins.

This topic continues in "The Encyclopedia of Networking and Telecommunications" with a discussion of the following:

  • Security consulting and auditing services, the third-party perspective
  • The security auditor
  • Security Auditing Tools
  • Scanners
  • IDS (intrusion detection systems)
  • Standards for evaluating security
  • U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards)
  • Orange Book-- the TCSEC (Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria) standard
  • The ISO's Common Criteria, the current standard

The following Web sites provide more information:

Common Criteria official Web site

ISO Common Criteria Information

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