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Data Migration

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Data migration is an archiving process that moves little-used or unused files to a secondary storage system, such as magnetic tape or optical disk. The files are typically imaged documents or historical information that needs to be readily accessible at any time in the future. Migration works in conjunction with backup strategies, and regular backups are still required.

Migration (and demigration) is a process that moves files off valuable high-speed magnetic disk space and onto secondary, high-volume media-primarily optical disk. Files remain available offline, but are accessible to users over the network.

This is accomplished by keeping a list of names for archived files in a directory on the primary media. When users need an archived file, they look in this directory, find the file, and open it as normal. The file is then demigrated from secondary storage (optical disk) to primary storage (magnetic disk). This process happens in the background, and users may not be aware that the file has been demigrated from optical disk. When users are done with the file, the file is migrated back to secondary storage. This migration can take place immediately, after a specific amount of time, or at the discretion of users or network administrators.

The Novell NetWare High Capacity Storage System (HCSS) is a data-archiving system that supports an offline optical jukebox storage device. A jukebox is an autochanger device that can select from a stack of rewritable optical disks. The HCSS system migrates files marked by users and network administrators and demigrates files as they are requested by users. Except for a slight delay in access, there is little indication that a file has been demigrated.

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