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ISPs (Internet Service Providers)
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Note: Many topics at this site are reduced versions of the text in "The Encyclopedia of Networking and Telecommunications." Search results will not be as extensive as a search of the book's CD-ROM.

Related Entries

Access Provider

Aggregation in Routing

ASP (Application Service Provider)

Autonomous System

Cable (CATV) Data Networks

CIX (Commercial Internet eXchange) Association

CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers)

Colocation Services

Communication Services and Providers

Data Center Design

Fault Tolerance and High Availability


ILEC (Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers)

Internet Architecture and Backbone

Internet Connections

Internet Organizations and Committees

Internet Protocol Suite

Internet Standards



Intranets and Extranets

IP (Internet Protocol)

IXC (Interexchange Carrier)

Last Mile Services

LATA (Local Access and Transport Area)

Mobile Computing

Mobile IP

MSP (Management Service Provider)

NAP (Network Access Point)

NAS (Network Access Server)

Network Access Services

Network Service Providers

NOC (Network Operations Center)

OSP (Open Settlement Protocol)



PoP (Point of Presence)

RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service)

RBOCs (Regional Bell Operating Companies)

Registries on the Internet

Remote Access

RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens)


Route Aggregation

Routing on the Internet

Routing Registries


Service Providers and Carriers

SLA (Service-Level Agreement)

SSP (Storage Service Provider)

Standards Groups, Associations, and Organizations

Telecommunications and Telephone Systems

WAN (Wide Area Network)

Web Technologies and Concepts

Web Links
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Network Startup Resource Center (documents, tools, and links for configuring network services)

NANOG (North American Network Operators' Group)


ISPC (Internet Service Provider Consortium)

CIX (Commercial Internet Exchange)

InterNAP (bypasses congested public NAPs and peering points)

Google Web Directory resources for ISPs

ISPworld, the definitive ISP business tool (includes Boardwatch, the trade journal for ISPs).

Exodus Internet data center (take the visual tour)

Internet Service Provider Information Pages (extensive information and links)

ISP Planet

Resources for network operators and ISPs at Merit Networks (tools, statistics, performance management, and so on)

Randall S. Benn's ISP information page

ITPRC (Information Technology Professional's Resource Center) Internet Operations page

Refer to "Internet Architecture and Backbone" for links specifically related to Internet architectures. See "Internet Connections" for other related links.

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