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NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol)

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Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) is an open protocol for managing data stored on network-attached storage devices (specifically, tape devices, although other devices will be supported). The protocol was codeveloped by storage leader Network Appliance and Intelliguard (now part of Legato), NDMP is being actively enhanced and adopted by the storage industry. In April 2000, a new work group for NDMP was created as part of the SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) to take responsibility for the development of the protocol standard, interoperability testing, and educational programs on NDMP.

The objective of NDMP is to provide enterprise-wide control of backup in heterogeneous environments. It also provides a standardized protocol that vendors can write to and conform with to reduce cross-platform hardware and software development efforts. With NDMP, vendors can concentrate on features and performance rather than writing code for many different platforms and environments. They only need to be concerned with maintaining compatibility with one, well-defined protocol.

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