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DAVIC (Digital Audio Visual Council)

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DAVIC is an audiovisual industry association composed of over 157 companies, government agencies, and research organizations around the world. DAVIC created industry standards for end-to-end interoperability of broadcast and interactive digital audiovisual information, and of multimedia communication over satellite, fiber, radio, and cable distribution systems.

NOTE: As of 2001, DAVIC has completed its work.

DAVIC's original goal was to promote interactive digital audiovisual applications and services by "promulgating specifications of open interfaces and protocols that maximize interoperability across geographic, industry, services, and application boundaries," according to DAVIC's Web site.

DAVIC worked to converge its specifications with the Internet to allow IP networking over cable TV systems. DAVIC also developed initiatives for mobile and portable multimedia.

But while the DAVIC specification is popular in Europe, DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Interface Specification) has become more important in the United States. DOCSIS is the result of work done by MCNS (Multimedia Cable Network System Partners Ltd.). For more information about these standards, refer to "Cable (CATV) Data Networks."

DAVIC defines the following parts:

  • Part 1    Description of Digital Audiovisual Functionalities

  • Part 2    System Reference Models and Scenarios

  • Part 3    Service Provider System Architecture

  • Part 4    Delivery System Architecture and Interfaces

  • Part 5    Service Consumer System Architecture

  • Part 6    Management Architecture and Protocols

  • Part 7    High and Midlayer Protocols

  • Part 8    Lower-Layer Protocols and Physical Interfaces

  • Part 9    Information Representation

  • Part 10   Basic Security Tools

  • Part 11   Usage Information Protocols

  • Part 12   System Dynamics, Scenarios and Protocol Requirements

  • Part 13   Conformance and Interoperability

  • Part 14   Contours: Technology Domain

DAVIC worked to bring the benefits of high-quality and reliable, guaranteed multimedia services from a many-to-one toward a (mass) one-to-one topology. DAVIC also added mobile and portable multimedia to the existing list of satellite, fiber, radio, and cable distribution systems across which interoperability of interactive services is guaranteed.

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