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Addendum to "The Encyclopedia of Networking and Telecommunications"

October 2001

CD-ROM Tips and Tricks

Addendum to the First Printing


CD-ROM Tips and Tricks

If the book doesn't start: The electronic book starts when you insert the disk. If that doesn't happen, you may need to enable Autorun. Go to Control Panel and open System, then click the Device Manager tab. Open the CD-ROM option where the disk is located and click the Setting tab. Enable "Auto insert notification." Also, be sure Acrobat is installed. It is located in the INSTALLABLES directory on the CD-ROM.

Leaving the CD-ROM in the drive: If you leave the CD-ROM in the drive, you can easily start the book at any time by creating a shortcut to the COVER.PDF file in the BOOK directory on the disk.

Copy the CD-ROM files to hard disk: You can copy the contents of the BOOK directory to your hard drive and then create a shortcut to the COVER.PDF file on your desktop. Keep in mind that the files require 274 Mbytes of disk space, but putting them on your hard drive improves access speed and convenience.


Addendum to the First Printing

Many of these corrections are minor, such as Web site address updates and related entries to topics that were removed. By far, the biggest problem is on page 168, where the heading to "Cable (CATV) Data Networks" somehow ended up on page 172. See "Page 168" below to make this change, or click here for the corrected text.

Page 2, under 6Bone and IPv6

RFC 2772 (6Bone Backbone Routing Guidelines, February 2000) obsoletes RFC 2546.

The vBNS operated at 622 Mbits/sec, not 62 Mbits/sec

Page 21

In the Related Entries, replace "Microsoft Windows DNA" with "Microsoft.NET"

Page 31, under ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line)

In the fourth line, it should be 4000 Hz, not 400 Hz.

Page 93, under Autonomous System

The third sentence should read "...shared among routers...", not "...shared among routing.."

Page 99

The last hyperlink on the page, replace "b941" with "b991"

Page 123

The Web link for the NLANP BGP Statistics page has changed to "http://calorie.nlanr.net/BGP/"

Page 125

Web link updates:

Biometric Identification, Inc. The company is now Bioscrypt and the Web site is http://www.bioscrypt.com/

SAC Technologies is now BIO-key. The Web address is still valid.

American Biometrics is now Ankari. The Web site address is http://www.ankari.com

The last link call Who? Vision Systems is now invalid.

Page 143

The second paragraph under "Source Route Bridging" does not make it clear that end-nodes initiate the route discovery mechanisms (thanks to Ken Christensen

Page 168 (and page 172)

The heading for "Cable (CATV) Data Networks" somehow ended up on page 172 in the page layout process. The heading and the first three paragraphs on page 172 should be just above the "CATV Architecture" heading on page 168. You could copy page 172 and then place a cut-out above the heading on page 168. Sorry about this!!! Go to http://www.linktionary.com/c/cabledata.html to view the Web page for the corrected text.

Page 191, Certificates and Certification Systems

In the numbered list, point 1 should read "Bob wants to send a verifiable message to Alice." Point 4 should read "Upon receipt, Alice decrypts it with Bobís public key, thus proving the message is from Bob."

Page 256

In Figure C-22, within the lower-left circle, change "SEQ #=Y" to "SEQ #=X+1" Thanks to Gert Muller (an electronic engineer at Mide Technology Corp.) for catching this. X represents the client. The sequence number is incremented for each message the client sends, so this portion of the figure should read X+1. Note that I had this correct in my original hand-drawn art. The illustrators used copy and paste to create the figure, then forgot to change the text. Please let me know if you find similar things. I tried to catch all this stuff when reading page proofs, but missed this one.

Page 259

At the end of the first paragraph, remove "but connection."

Page 269

In the fourth Web link called "Distributed Object Computing by Junichi Susuki," replace "nsuzuki" with "~suzuki"

Page 271

The last line should read "...assessment is that CoS is most important in the WAN..."

Page 283

Under CTI, the last sentence in the first paragraph should read "These two areas are merging as organizations install..."

Page 302

Second paragraph, fifth sentence, should read "To send packets among different networks, a hierarchical addressing scheme is required, ..."

Page 308

Under Data Management in the bullet item called "Distributed and replicated data, change "Web Cabling" to "Web Caching."

Page 322

DAVIC has now completed its work. This topic should be read in the past tense.

Page 339

In the second to the last paragraph, remove "round-trip" from the second sentence to make it make sense :-). (Thanks to Ken Christensen)

Page 422, Figure E-2

The callout on the upper right should read "Wireless optical (i.e., freespace lasers operating at 190 THz)"

Page 424

The fourth bullet should read "LMDS wireless local loop services...", not cable services.

Page 472

In first bullet item, change RF-45 to RJ-45.

Page 585

The Linktionary Web site should be "hfc.html," not "hdr.html"

Page 619

Under Infrared Technologies, in the second paragraph, the second sentence should read "The direct mode systems implement point-to-point signals that require..."

Page 629

In the second Web link (Int-Serv Working Group), the upper-case "I" must be lower-case to connect with this page.

Page 707

Alteon is now owned by Nortel (thanks to Ken Christensen)

Page 717

In the numbered list, number 2, the last sentence should read "If accepted, the reply will also specify..."

Page 759

Under Mac OS, in the third sentence, change "680 x 0-based Macs" to "68000-based Macs" (a 68000 is a Motorola processor).

Page 894

The Web link for the IETF should end with /wg-dir.html, not /wg-dis.html

Page 907

The Linktionary Web page should be http://www.linktionary.com/n/novell.html

Page 968

Under PDH, the correct spelling is Plesiochronous

Page 1028

Ken Christensen tells me that the more accepted spelling is "queueing" (although my Microsoft Word spell-checker accepts both "queuing" and "queueing"). He also mentioned the Queueing Theory Page at http://www2.uwindsor.ca/~hlynka/queue.html

Page 1115

In the second paragraph, the first line should read "As mentioned, secret-key cryptography..."

Page 1221

In the illustration, the "5 sites, 10 links" item is missing the lines that link the outer hubs.

Page 1236

Under Telephony, the end of the last sentence should be "(letter facsimile)".






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