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Attributes define user access to files and directories and the properties of files and directories. A common attribute is "Archive Needed," which indicates that a file has been modified and needs to be included in the next backup. This attribute is then turned off when the file is backed up, but is set on again if a user changes the file. Read-only attributes found on most network operating systems prevent users from changing the contents of files or deleting them.

NetWare 4.x has some interesting attributes. DI (Delete Inhibit) prevents a user from deleting a file or directory. IM (Immediate Compress) causes a file, or the files in a directory, to be compressed as soon as possible. DC (Don't Compress) prevents a file, or the files, in a directory from being automatically compressed.

Objects within object-oriented filing systems, databases, and programming languages have attributes called properties. If an object is compared to a record within a database, its properties are like the fields within a record that hold values.

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