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Resources on enterprise networks and the Internet consist of information, storage devices, peripherals, applications, networking devices, IP addresses, processing power, and bandwidth. The topic "Network Management" describes user and device management on enterprise networks. More recently, resource management has been associated with bandwidth management.

In a bandwidth-managed network where QoS (Quality of Service) is being provided, a mechanism is required that can estimate the level of QoS that a new user session will need and whether there is enough bandwidth available to service that session. If bandwidth is available, the session is admitted.

Bandwidth management is about monitoring, controlling, and enforcing the use of network resources and services. This can be done with a policy-based management system...

This topic continues in "The Encyclopedia of Networking and Telecommunications."

Bandwidth allocation may take place on demand, but there is also a need to reserve bandwidth in advance-say, for a teleconference or special event...

Resource management on public networks is difficult because there are many different administrative domains. The IETF and other organizations are developing standard resource and policy management protocols. For example, COPS (Common Open Policy Service) was developed to help resource managers interact with one another and exchange information.

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