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Resources on enterprise networks and the Internet provide services to users, such as file storage, information searching, printing, electronic messaging, and so on. Almost every device on a network can provide some service. Resource discovery services help users locate the services they need for a specific task. A directory service is one example. It provides a complete database of resources in which a user can search for a service based on service keywords such as "color printer."

Advertising techniques may also be used, in which a device sends out periodic announcements that describe the services it offers. Descriptions of those services should be in a standard format that any device can read and understand. The idea is that mobile users with portable devices who temporarily join networks or move into the realm of ad hoc wireless networks (see "Bluetooth") will need to know about the services offered on those networks.

These topics are further explored under "CNRP (Common Name Resolution Protocol)," "Directory Services," "Search and Discovery Services," and "Service Advertising and Discovery."

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