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IPPM (IP Performance Metrics)

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The IETF IP Performance Metrics (ippm) Working Group is developing a set of standard metrics that can be applied to the quality, performance, and reliability of Internet data delivery services. The metrics are designed to be used by network operators, end users, or independent testing groups. The information they produce is meant to be unbiased quantitative measures of performance.

RFC 2330 (Framework for IP Performance Metrics, May 1998) is the primary document that defines the objectives of the IPPM Working Group and the metrics it is developing. The RFC defines the criteria for IP performance metrics and fundamental concepts, such as metrics, measurement methodologies, and other issues. RFC 2498 (IPPM Metrics for Measuring Connectivity, September 1999) describes how basic Internet connectivity is measured.

See "Performance Measurement and Optimization" or refer to the IPPM Web site at

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