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Fault Management

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Fault management is the ability to locate faults, determine the cause, and make corrections. It also includes implementing fault-tolerant hardware systems and fault-tolerant procedures, as discussed under "Fault Tolerance and High Availability." Fault management involves the following:

  • Continuous monitoring and the collection of statistics on workstations, traffic conditions, and usage so potential faults can be forecast and avoided

  • Setting threshold conditions that can warn you with alarms of conditions on the network that may cause failures

  • Setting alarms that warn of performance degradation on servers, routers, and wide area network links

  • Setting alarms that warn of resource usage problems, such as a server that is almost out of disk space

  • The ability to remotely control workstations and other devices

  • The ability to perform some or all of the preceding tasks from a single management location, which may be extremely remote from some sites

Fault management requires certain procedures, personnel, and equipment to handle alarm conditions, as listed here:

  • Using pager devices to warn staff members who are not at the office

  • Testing equipment such as protocol analyzers

  • Preparing an inventory of spare parts

  • Writing procedures that unskilled users can follow, if necessary

  • Ensuring proper documentation of all systems

Management software and management protocols are available to handle some of these tasks. Some companies outsource these tasks. See "Network Management" for more information.

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