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Apple Computer

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Apple Computer is the manufacturer of the Macintosh line of computers and developed the AppleTalk networking system that works over LocalTalk, EtherTalk, TokenTalk, and FDDITalk networks. Apple is involved extensively in networking and distributed management. Its products are widespread and can be used as nodes on almost every available network operating system and topology. Its Macintosh System 7 and Mac OS operating systems are in use on Macintosh systems everywhere. In addition, Macintosh users have relied on the AppleTalk networking protocols and AppleShare servers for all their networking needs.

Apple Macintosh experienced a surge of popularity in 1998 and 1999 with the introduction of Apple's iMac systems (in five dazzling colors), Apple PowerBook G3s, and Power Macintosh G3s.

An important change for the company was its full support of the Internet Protocol suite in all of its products, coupled with a move away from AppleTalk. Novell has gone through similar changes by fully supporting Internet protocols and shying away from its traditional SPX/IPX protocol suite.

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